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Seattle DUI lawyer Tim Milios has been defending people charged with DUI and criminal traffic offenses throughout the state of Washington since 1993.  Dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals charged with any criminal offense, his practice emphasis has been DUI and DUI related defense since that time. The Washington DUI Blog is intended to provided insight and perspective into the always changing landscape of DUI defense and commentary on the the issues, laws, cases, stories and events that effect DUI defense and those charged with DUI in Washington State.

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Top Dangers of Drinking

This Guest Post was written by Curtis Boyd, for Milios Defense. This article was written to raise awareness of BloodAlcoholCalculator.org When it comes to consuming alcohol, there are several risks involved to concern yourself with. Whether these risks are physical, financial, or legal, each comes with its own set of drawbacks. The physical examples to… Read More

5 Interesting Arizona DUI Facts

by Attorney David Michael Cantor, The Law Offices of David Michael Cantor, Arizona. The state of Arizona is a fantastic tourist destination for Seattleites. In fact, according to The Seattle Times, one of the top five relocation spots for those living in Seattle is Phoenix, Arizona. So, whether you’re traveling there for vacation or relocating,… Read More

U.S. Veterans May Seek Treatment In Lieu Of DUI Prosecution

U.S. military veterans that are arrested for DUI in King County, Washington, and who suffer from either substance abuse or mental health conditions as a result of their service, may have an option of handling their case that departs from traditional DUI defense. In 2011, the King County Council created the Regional Veterans Treatment Court… Read More

Mandatory Washington DUI Probation Violation Penalties

Washington DUI sentencing courts in impose a number of standard, and sometimes even unique, conditions upon a DUI conviction. Some are affirmative conditions, i.e. pay fines, complete an alcohol evaluation, participate in alcohol treatment, and attend DUI victims panel. Others are prohibitive. Don’t commit law violations, don’t consume alcohol, don’t drive without an ignition interlock…. Read More

Proposed Bill Would Make Fourth Washington DUI a Felony

Will Washington state make a fourth DUI in ten years a felony? Washington law makers are again considering legislation that would further toughen what are arguably already the nation’s strictest DUI laws by doing just that. If such a bill were to be presented, it would mark the third time in three years that such… Read More