Relocating to Another State – Interstate Compact

A relatively new challenge for some convicted of DUI in Washington is that of relocating to another state. For those who have a second or subsequent DUI conviction, or who have entered into a deferred prosecution and have a prior DUI conviction, moving to another state has become more difficult.  That is because in addition to the terms and conditions ordered by the sentencing court, a person in such a position now must comply with the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS).

The ICAOS is an agreement among the states as to how the movement of certain offenders is to be monitored. Under this law, a person who is on probation for a second DUI or on a deferred prosecution with a prior DUI, can not move to another state before he has complied with the ICAOS. Compliance usually means gaining the approval of probation as well as notifying the probation department of the new state. The ICAOS and its advisory opinions change often, however. If you believe you may fall under the requirements of the ICAOS, do not rely solely on information obtained on a web site. Contact a Washington DUI attorney to discuss your options. Violating the ICAOS can have significant consequences.