Washington Ignition Interlock Penalties

For those who are convicted of DUI in Washington, installation of the ignition interlock device (IID) is now mandatory. Under previous Washington DUI laws, it was permissive, meaning one could get the IID in order to keep driving but could choose not to drive. Now, even in instances where one wishes not to drive or doesn’t even own a car, installation of an IID is mandatory. To make matters worse, in cases where a person doesn’t own a car, they will have to be fitted with what is known as a SCRAM bracelet to detect alcohol consumption.

Violation of the IID requirement would constitute a probation violation and could mean the imposition of additional jail time. It also could be considered a separate violation of the law itself and lead to an additional criminal charge. This area of the Washington DUI law has seen numerous changes as of late and likely will see several more.

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